Internship: Data & Analytics

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Internship: Data & Analytics

Digital; data, tech, marketing... we need your fresh head(s) to explore and improve our (customers) business! Of course you can learn from us but we also like to learn from you! 


Green Orange is an digital first agency. We consult on the crossroads of marketing and technology and use data in the most intelligent way to solve digital issues, achieve and improve our customer's business goals. We are part of a group of data driven companies with different digital expertises and 60+ digital professionals.

We create independent data-driven strategies and actionable roadmaps. We make sure that our customers business goals and ambitions are clear and we help them to benefit from the right technology. We deliver customised solutions that will empower them to be successful. Icing on the cake; we also deliver the results; by an outstanding and coördination of the realization.

Our vision is to help our customers to be more personal and successful in communications with their end users by optimising, organizing and connecting all digital channels, create a healthy eco-system and change of culture. For this data-driven revolution we need interns with passion and guts, talent that is willing to develop, innovate and really make a difference!

Clients we are working for are (inter)national A-brands with a clear digital ambition. We currently work for brands as BP, Thermen Bussloo, Siemens, Spotta, Sony and many more.

Do you want to be part of this or participate in one of our client teams? Are you open, fun to work with, curious, always looking for an opportunity and have a huge chunk of discipline? Send us a message because you have what it takes! 

Data & Analytics

For us, data is future! It is the take off point of every project. Is connecting different systems to collect interesting and relevant data your cup of tea? Or are you rocking in data analysis translating insights to customer opportunities? Do you want to be part of our data-driven teams creating the nicest eco systems, platforms, chatbots and other data-driven solutions for our clients? This is your place to be.

During this dynamic internship you will develop yourself (even more) on the field of:

Data analysis, data cleansing, data scraping and data visualisation

  • Real time dashboards
  • Programmable Web: configure and connect API’s
  • Creating wireframes and mock-ups
  • Google Analytics
  • Platform development (PaaS)
  • Performance marketing
  • Chatbots, AI, Blockchain

Interested? Apply now via this site or contact us via whatsapp (06 24 12 12 34)